Modern mining techniques have little respect for our natural world and few social concerns for the miners. Open pit mines have disastrous effects on the local environment, often displacing communities and destroying traditional livelihoods.

Certified Fairtrade Gold
At Oria we are delighted to be licensed to offer jewellery made with certified Fairtrade Gold. Gold certified to Fairtrade Standards provides small-scale miners and their communities in developing countries the opportunity for better living and working conditions.
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We also source gold for our ethical jewellery from small alluvial (hand panning) cooperative mines in Argentina, (Eco Andina). These mines do not use toxic substances such as cyanide and mercury. Disposal of these environmentally harmful substances often leaks into the surrounding environment, polluting rivers, lakes, seas and the underlying water tables.

Our fairly traded silver is purchased from artisanal miners in Bolivia, who employ methods that do not involve the use of cyanide or mercury for extraction.